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​​​Message from the Master
​"More than 2,500 years ago, Confucius advocated that all virtuous people should seek the ideal of personal perfection, aspiring to the Way, abiding by virtue, adhering to benevolence, and pursuing the arts during their leisure. In ancient times, gentlemen and ladies were required to perfect themselves in the five arts: Rites, Music, Martial Art, Calligraphy and Mathematics. The Martial Art was in itself a pursuit for the development of physical and mental fitness.

Just as in ancient times, those who have mastered learning and the martial arts are capable of contributing to society in a meaningful and positive manner, whether they choose to serve in diplomatic, military or other capacities. In the same spirit that Confucius wisely urged the men of his day to acquire a balance of mental and physical perfection, we today continue to strive for that perfect balance by the disciplined practices of Chinese Kung Fu and an attitude towards learning which make all things possible. We here at Red Dragon Kung Fu Academy personally endeavor to emulate these principles in our practices and every day lives."    
​        -Manuel Rodriguez, Sigung